Feel the peel: temporary interior design

over 3 years ago
Feel the peel: temporary interior design

Expressing our personality is what turns a house into a home but what happens if you can’t decorate or find it hard to decide on a theme? You go the peel-it route, of course! 

There is an exciting range of self-adhesive products available that can be used on a temporary basis and removed quickly, without damaging the surface underneath. Bold patterns, bright colours and even textured surfaces can all be applied on a short-term basis. Peel them off and no one would ever know your wall was plastered in pineapple motifs!

Why should you personalise with peel-off options?

  1. You are a dedicated follower of interior fashion: from Art Deco decadence to flamingo flamboyance, each season brings with it a different interior trend. If you like to keep in step without having to start back at square one every time, removable wall art is ideal, allowing you to change your room’s look as frequently as fashion dictates
  2. You are a tenant: it’s highly likely that your tenancy agreement stipulates that you aren’t allowed to decorate or permanently mark walls in any way (even a single screw hole can cause issues) so temporary, stick-on designs that can be peeled off without damage are perfect.
  3. You are prone to changing your mind: ever painted a room to find you hate the colour as soon the walls are dry? Call it being indecisive, fickle or picky, some people find it hard to be happy. Peel-off additions are not permanent, so you can reverse decisions almost immediately.

Peel-off personalisation options

Wallpaper: gone are the days of thick wallpaper paste, pasting tables and a whole lot of mess. Google ‘peel off wallpaper’ and be amazed at the options. We love the NuWallpaper designs, which are totally removable, will not damage walls or leave a sticky residue behind. Choose from on-trend botanical prints, brick effect, beach-feel wood and geometric motifs.

Wall decals: forget the transfers that themed kids’ bedrooms in the 1980s, wall decals have grown up and can now be bought in a variety of designs, colours and sizes for use across the home. Wayfair is a great place to start looking online, with its self-adhesive yet removable wall decals featuring flora, fauna, retro, vintage and even 3D motifs.

Tile stickers: you can really tap into the latest tile trends on a temporary basis, thanks to vinyl, waterproof stickers. They are as easy to apply as they are to remove, brightening up large expanses of plain tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Browse Ten Stickers for a wide range of options that are suitable for walls and floors, including high-fashion terrazzo and Moorish-influenced designs.

Picture hanging strips & hooks: Command™ has a range of products that are described as ‘perfect for rented accommodation where you may be worried about harming surfaces’. Its products allow you to hang pictures, mirrors and seasonal decorations without drawing pins, screws, nails or sticky tack. When done, simply peel to remove.

Are you a tenant?

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to make modifications to a rented property you live in – no matter how small or temporary – please let your landlord know beforehand, either directly or via your property manager. Please contact us if you need any advice or decorating guidance.

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